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Tree: Ireland, County Down, Newry area

Tree Name  Ireland, County Down, Newry area 
Description  This is a collection of extracts from newspapers, diaries, and other local resources for Newry and the surrounding area created by Francis Crossle and then organized by his son and genealogist, Phillip Crossle. These entries cover roughly the time period of 1600-1919. The Crossle Collection this data was extracted from is available on 25 rolls of microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s branch libraries called Family History Centers worldwide. This community tree we have created is also serving as an index to these films, for that reason the database contains about 30,000 single entries that would normally have been left out because they are not lineage linked to anyone else.

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Individuals  73,932 
Families  14,909 
Owner  David Barss 
E-mail Address  barssds@familysearch.org 

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