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Tree: Switzerland: Bern. Lauterbrunnen Valley

Tree Name  Switzerland: Bern. Lauterbrunnen Valley 
Description  Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Canton of Bern: The data base was compiled mainly from the Parish Records that were extracted and put in spread sheet format by Heinz von Allmen and the private publication of Fritz Allimann-Laubscher (Spring 1971). In addition to the Kirchenbücher Lauterbrunnen, Mr. Allimann-Laubscher used the Burgerrodel Lauterbrunnen, the Chorgerichts-Manuale Lauterbrunnen, the Gemeindeprotokolle Lauterbrunnen, the Talurbar Lauterbrunnen. He also used the Ober-Chorgerichtsmanuale, the Aemterbücher Interlaken, and the Ratsmanuale Bern as well as three books of histories about the area when writing his book.

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Individuals  5,473 
Families  1,461 
Sources  24 
Owner  Robert Gerber 
E-mail Address  robertgerber@q.com 

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