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Tree: Europe: Royal and Noble Houses of Europe

Tree Name  Europe: Royal and Noble Houses of Europe 
Description  This database contains individuals ranging from A.D. 100 to the 1800s; includes ancestors and descendants of Clodion "der Langhaarige" ancestor of the Merovingian kings; Gorm "den Gamle" of Denmark; Charlemagne of the Franks; Wladimir I Swjatoslavitsch "der Heilige" Grossfürst von Kiev; Louis IX of France; Edward I of England; Charles I of England; and Spanish Kings of Navarre, Castile and Léon with many other European royal, noble, and gentry lineages with Colonial American connections. 
Individuals  347,224 
Families  156,127 
Sources  2,040 
Owner  Roberta Dodge 
E-mail Address  royalnoblefamilies@yahoo.com 

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