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Tree: Canada. Nova Scotia. Antigonish Catholic Diocese

Tree Name  Canada. Nova Scotia. Antigonish Catholic Diocese 
Description  Canada: Nova Scotia: Antigonish Catholic Diocese 1823-1905 This collection contains data from the records of 43 Catholic Churches in the Antigonish Diocese (mostly baptisms and marriages, with death/burial records for about a third of the Churches). The Churches are located in Antigonish, Cape Breton, Guysborough, Inverness, Pictou, Richmond, and Victoria counties. The records were extracted by the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia and other volunteers working with FamilySearch. The extracted data was then merged to form family groups and extended pedigrees. This Community Tree is the results of our first merging efforts on this data. We are still working to refine the results and anticipate posting a new and improved version in the near future.

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Individuals  172,580 
Families  57,039 
Owner  Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia 
E-mail Address  indexgans@gmail.com 

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